Where we're at!

A  year after we closed for worship we will be open on Mothering Sunday the 14th of March. We will resume our 10am P.R.A.Y. service as well as some communion services and attempting to replicate “church at home” within the church building at the minute none of these will have any sung worship. In order to make sure we are not over capacity with the current restrictions for these services please ring Janice on 01246417448 to book your seat.


It is a real privilege to be given the opportunity to gather together a month before we are even able to meet with our own family. Meeting like this comes with a responsibility not to abuse that privilege, therefore we must follow these rules:


    • Please remain 2m away from anyone outside of your household at all times.

    • Wear a mask at all times within the church grounds.

    • Do not move any of the furniture or the space dividing cushions.

    • We cannot remain inside the building after the service or gather outside the building to chat.

    • Do not attend if you or anyone you’ve been in contact with has symptoms or tested positive for COVID.

    • Do not attend if your haven’t booked a seat

Our food bank box will remain outside church every Sunday. We will be doing "Church at home" a family service premiering on Facebook and Youtube every Sunday Morning at 9am. The rest of our usual activities have ceased for the foreseeable future but we will be regularly reviewing this. As a church we remain committed to prayer and where possible action within the community. See below the links to the Church at home playlist, Facebook page, worship playlist, and Parish Youtube channel which features content from all the anglican churches. If we can help in anyway please click here to get in touch.